Our History


The North Baptist Church was organized in the year 1915 by Reverend Walker of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and a group of dedicated Christians formed a prayer group, which met from house to house. In a special prayer service this small group decided to formally organize, thus calling themselves the North Baptist Church. Later in 1915, Reverend Walker was called to be the first pastor of North Baptist Church. The first services and church meetings were held upstairs in the old of the Woodbury Coal & Supply Building situated on the Woodbury Creek. While still under Reverend Walker’s leadership, the church moved to Green Street Hall, where the building was better suited to the needs of the fledgling church.

After the retirement of Reverend Walker, Reverend Loftner was called to be the second pastor at North Baptist. Unfortunately, after a short time Reverend Loftner became gravely ill and was unable to continue his pastoral duties.  Reverend John Washington filled the pulpit until the death of Reverend Loftner.




March 15 – Proposed bylaws amendments review, 6:30 p.m.

March 17, 2019 – 104th Church Anniversary Service at 3:30 p.m. Rev. Gregory Rhett and Macedonia Baptist Church will fellowship with us

March 22 – Church meeting, 7 p.m.

March 24 – We fellowship at Friendship Baptist Church in Camden for Family and Friends Day, 3:30 p.m.

March 30 – Technology workshop sponsored by the Publicity Ministry, 10 a.m. – Noon

April 19 – Good Friday at Bethlehem Baptist Church, Rev. Simmons will present one of the last 7 words uttered by Christ, 7 p.m.

April 21 – Easter Sunrise service at a Campbell AME Church, Woodbury, 6 a.m.

9:45 AM Church School Easter Program at North Baptist Church

April 26 – Church meeting, 7 p.m.

May 11 – “Flapjacks with Mom” at Applebee’s in Deptford, a pre-Mother’s Day fundraiser sponsored by the Publicity Ministry, 8 a.m. Tickets $10



Rev. Mark Neal Simmons was called as the 18th pastor in the church’s history. He was installed as Pastor of North Baptist Church on Sept. 10, 2017, becoming one of the youngest pastor’s in the church’s history at age 46.He had been the Associate Pastor since 2011, under the pastoral leadership and guidance of Rev. Wendell F. McGinnis, Jr. He previously served as a Trustee and a Deacon.


Reverend McGinnis passed away suddenly in October 2015.


Reverend Wendell F. McGinnis, Jr. was called to pastor. He took over the pulpit on New Year Eve 2001 and was installed as pastor of North Baptist on February 17, 2002. He brought with him a new vision and mission for our church. Under his leadership, the Christian Board of Education, Outreach Tape Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, and the Sheepfold Ministries. A new church sign was installed, a sound room was built to tape worship services, the ceiling was replaced in the fellowship hall, a second van and two (2) new computers were purchased. There is a renewed focus on the Building Fund. Pastor McGinnis is a man of prayer, a man of the Word, a servant of others and a man of God. His focus is on community outreach. In 2005, we held our first “Praise in the Park.”  In 2006, the Choir loft was enlarged to accommodate the increase number of members. In addition, in 2006 with the support of North Baptist Church Rev. McGinnis began participating in a Radio Outreach Ministry at WTMR -800 AM on Saturdays 3:00-3:30 p.m.  He challenged the members with this question:

“What are you doing to bless the people of God for the purpose of God?”


Reverend David Forman, Sr. was called to pastor. A short time before his death, Reverend Suiter had invited Reverend Forman to come to North Baptist Church. Reverend Forman served as an Associate Minister under Reverend Suiter. Shortly after Reverend Suiter death, Reverend Forman was asked to fill the pulpit while the search was made for a new pastor. Reverend Forman was appointed Acting Pastor on October 6, 1988 and was installed as pastor of North Baptist Church on Sunday, September 10, 1989. Under his leadership, the first church van was purchased and the Van Ministry began.  This outreach ministry extended/reached into many communities, giving any child and/or adult the opportunity to attend Sunday School and Church on regular bases. The fellowship hall was remodeled and an elevator was installed to assist those with medical and/or handicap conditions into the Sanctuary. The Food Bank Ministry was formed and a bathroom was installed on the main floor. Reverend Forman remained pastor until his sudden passing in May of 1999.


Reverend William T. Suiter was called to pastor.  He served from January 1984 until his sudden death in May 1988. During his tenure, our membership continued to grow, our Sunday School was strengthened and all the ministries grew, especially the Gospel Chorus. He displayed a great love for the children.


Reverend Douglas returned to pastor our church. During his second tenure as leader of our congregation, a parsonage was built on Park Avenue. In 1981, the front of the church was remodeled and an addition was added to the vestibule, which included a stairwell leading to the fellowship hall. The men and women lavatories were  remodeled and a new front and steps were added. Reverend Douglas remained our faithful pastor until 1982, when he became ill and was unable to pastor.


Reverend Robert Ellington was called to pastor. During his leadership, the Gospel Chorus was formed, an organ and piano was purchased and a new stove was installed in the kitchen. He worked to rebuild our membership.  Reverend Ellington left to pastor a church in Pleasantville, New Jersey.


Reverend Willie Williams was called to serve as the pastor and stayed a short time.


Reverend Branch Harris was called to serve and remained our Shepherd for four years.  He worked with the officers and members to strengthen the church in its’ spiritual growth.


Reverend Herman Curtis V. Douglas became the pastor of North Baptist. He was a fine leader and the membership doubly increased in a span of five years. Under his leadership and guidance, a Building Fund was organized to build a new church.  On Palm Sunday April 1950, ground was broken for the new church.  On Palm Sunday April 1951, the membership marched from the Spruce Street location to the present location at 1020 North Evergreen Avenue. Sometime later, Reverend Douglas left to pastor a church in Philadelphia.


Reverend Roy Beverly was called to pastor. Reverend Beverly was a mild and meek man. He inspired the congregation to greater stewardship and spiritual growth. In February of 1941, a building committee was appointed and the entire church was renovated. The partition between the double buildings was removed so that a single, larger, more serviceable unit was made. The front and interior of the church was remodeled. A dining room and kitchen was added to the rear of the church. At a special service held on Sunday afternoon June 1, 1941, the cornerstone was laid. Brother Joseph Fennell and members of the Free and Independent Masonic Lodge #37 were in charge of the program. During Reverend Beverly’s tenure, two (2) faithful trustees, Brother Christopher Clinch and Brother George Fennell were ordained as Deacons. Unfortunately, Reverend Beverly became too ill to continue his pastoral duties. At afternoon services on Sunday, March 26, 1945, Rev. Beverly delivered his farewell sermon

“I Commend Thee to God.”  Afterward, Reverend Cox and Reverend Wright filled the pulpit for a short time and then the Deacons were in charge.


Reverend George W. Porter of Trenton, New Jersey was called to pastor. Reverend Porter was a man filled with spiritual fire and the church membership was doubly increased. We were blessed to have Reverend Porter with us for five years, until February 26, 1938, when he resigned his pulpit here to return to Trenton, New Jersey.


Reverend H. Johnson was called to pastor. He was a well-prepared spiritual leader and a very fine man. Though his time with us was short, we remember him as a fine teacher and servant of God.


Reverend Sylvanus S. Browne of Woodbury, New Jersey was called to pastor our church. He was a very progressive leader and great inspiration flowed through his leadership. During Reverend Browne’s leadership many improvement was made. He inspired a very fine working young group and an annex was built onto the church. Reverend Browne remained with us for four (4) years.


Reverend Jesse McClain of Philadelphia was called to serve, but only for a short time, as he was called back to his former church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Reverend Travis was called to pastor North Baptist Church. He worked faithfully with his few members for Kingdom Building.


Reverend Overby was called to pastor North Baptist Church. Under his leadership, the church moved from Green Street Hall to a two story double building on Spruce Street in North Woodbury.  This building was purchased from Storrie & Budd Real Estate Company. One part of the building was dedicated for spiritual use and church services; and the other part was rented.  Following this move in 1920, North Baptist Church received the New Jersey State Charter and Seal.